Shenmue III Release Date Finally Announced During Event

As promised, the ones behind Shenmue III have finally announced the release date for one of the most anticipated game. The PlayStation Store also got some related surprised for the players.

Shenmue III coming next year

Game publisher Deep Silver has finally announced the final release date of game developer Ys Net’s game at Gamescom 2018. They revealed that the game will be coming on Aug. 27, 2019 together with a brand new trailer.

New trailer focuses on prophecy

The new trailer that the publisher revealed during the event focused on the tale of a prophecy. Ling Shenhua, the mysterious girl who appeared in Ryo Hazuki’s dreams, is the narrator of this video and talks about Hazuki’s entrance to mainland China. She talks about the prophecy linking to him and how his strength could be used for his mutual destruction or to fulfill his deepest wish: vengeance against his father’s killer, Lan Di. Together, they embark on a new journey that reveals their shared destiny.

The third sequel will launch on PlayStation 4.

Check out the awesome Prophecy trailer here:

Shenmue I & II PS4 dynamic theme revealed

In other related news, a new PS4 dynamic theme was released after Shenmue I & II was released on the console. This can be downloaded for free on the North American PlayStation Store, so get it today! It is totally dynamic and comes with custom music and icons. This will instantly become a fan favorite for those who have played the series since the early days. The ones behind this awesome PS4 theme is no other than the awesome guys from Truant Pixel.

Here is the sample for the PS4 dynamic theme:

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