Valkyria Chronicles 4 New Trailer Includes New Game-Changer Features

Game publisher SEGA recently bombarded us with an awesome new trailer of upcoming JRPG Valkyria Chronicles 4! It features some new features that were not in the previous titles.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 new features

SEGA just showed us some new stuff with the new trailer that included features that could definitely help with our playthroughs. The first thing we see in the trailer though is the terrain of the Empire, which is surprising vast and diverse. So many areas to traverse with so many traps and enemy formations to look out for. This will definitely be a very challenging game to beat with the numerous options of approaches you could choose from.

Centurion bombardment

Another awesome new feature in this video game is the Centurion Bombardment option. This will definitely clear up some pretty difficult areas to traverse teeming with enemies. It sounds like a bit of cheating since you can clear up a lot of enemies, but at least it will make your journey easier. Or you can just go for gungho tactics, it’s really up to you.

Enemy grenadiers

Since your team has the new grenadier class, do not think that the opposite side does not have one. Of course they have, and your units will have to dodge their defensive bombardments if you want to cross over an area. Some of these enemies might even give you negative status effects, so be careful.

Grenadier class

Of course you have your own grenadier class and they really pack a punch. They really have a wide range of attack and can definitely change the tide of the game. The only problem is the defense and running speed of these soldiers. You might want them behind your tank or other allies before crossing enemy lines.

Last stand

The final new feature introduced to us was the Last Stand. This allows your soldiers a chance to stand up again after getting a critical hit from an enemy. If you choose wisely, they get to live. If you choose poorly, they will be removed from the battlefield. It is a gamble, but a nifty save for those who want to help those in critical condition.

The game will launch on Sept. 25 on the PlayStation 4.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Official YouTube Channel

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