Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Launch Trailer Revealed Before Game Releases

Game publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Insomniac Games recently released the gameplay launch trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Spider-Man PS4 gameplay trailer contents

The new trailer for the upcoming open-world action adventure video game features the hero’s swinging around the modern-day city of New York. It also shows a lot of the villains and characters that players will meet in the game when it launches this coming September.

The villains that players might face in the game are Mister Negative, Silver Sable, The Kingpin, and Rhino. The ones on the good side are Miles Morales and Aunt May.

Gameplay impressions

SIEA social media specialist Kristen Titus was impressed with the two-hour demo. He was constantly in constant contact with Peter Parker’s dual life in the game, which were the young lab assistant side and the web-slinger hero side. This allowed the players to be interested with both sides of his life as a hero and his regular days. This fleshed out Peter Parker’s life outside the costume.

The city in this video game is pretty much realistic thanks to the developers. This offers players tons of activities to do in the game at every turn. The swinging mechanics are also intuitive, which makes it easier for any player to swing around the city.

The combat feels all natural and accessible, even though there are tons of other ways to take down enemies. In this game, Peter Parker is a hero for eight years now and he has tons of experience when it comes to fighting against bad guys. There are also some allies that can help him along the way like Mary Jane Watson who is now an investigative journalist and also knows his secret. She can help him with solving puzzles and uncover some important evidence.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

Source: PlayStation Blog

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