Resident Evil 2 CAPCOM Executive Explains Removal Of Tank Controls

CAPCOM Europe COO Stuart Turner revealed in an exclusive interview the main reason why they removed the tank controls of Resident Evil 2 remake. He also explained several changes and tweaks as well.

Resident Evil 2 controls evolved with the world

Several fans have claimed that the tank controls and the fixed camera angle were the important factors that made the game intense and created stress within certain situations. CAPCOM did not want the modern audience to feel left behind since those are the majority of the audience now.

Turner stated that the world has moved on and the players have changed with the modern ones. If they did introduce the old school mechanics, the fans might play the game but might decide that they actually do not want those controls after all. However, they did try it out in development, but decided that a third-person view will work better.

Pre-orders have been at an all-time high

The COO stated that they were worried of the changes that they have made to the video game remake would not be received well by the fans. It turns out that their worries were for naught because the pre-orders are at an all-time high and they were taken aback by how well it has gone down.

EMEA Marketing Director Antoine Molant said that they were worried that the fanbase would be divided due to the changes that they have made. There were a few gamers that complained about it, but overall, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4 next year, Jan. 25. It will also launch on Xbox One, and Steam.


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