Devil May Cry 5 Was Created Because Fans Wanted It According To Capcom

Game publisher CAPCOM stated the reason why Devil May Cry 5 was developed recently. They also explained the limit of feedback and implementation they can do from the fans.

Devil May Cry 5 made due to fans

CAPCOM Europe COO Stuart Turner and Marketing Director Antoine Molant revealed that the video game would not exist without the fans. In an exclusive interview, the game publisher acknowledged that a lot of fans were disappointed with Ninja Theory’s DmC: Devil May Cry even though it was good for the series. They were now compelled to return to the game’s origins.

Molant said that the last game was good, but a lot of unhappy voices were heard because it was not a direct sequel and of other things as well. The development team went to the gaming community, which gave them a clue that the next iteration should be closer to the first, second, and third titles. This was the reason that the project was created.

Risk worth taking

Molant revealed that the hack-and-slash genre was already past its golden age, which meant a traditional Devil May Cry game would be risky. He insisted that the project was continued because of the franchise’s dedicated fanbase.


Turner clarified that the development team did have its own limits of taking in feedback. They can take a lot of feedback, but they would have to implement only a select few since it was not ideal to do all. He revealed that they have heard of bad stories about publishers following every single suggestion by their fans, but ended up badly. They would not advocate going that far, but there is an element of fan service that is present in the company.

The COO said that it is part of giving back to the fans, but within the remit that they are still a business. They want to support the fans, but the suggestions have to make sense. He said that they will not listen to the far extremes of the fanbase.

The game will launch on PlayStation 4 by the end of March next year. It will also launch on other platforms like Xbox One and PC.


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