PS4 Game Releases This Week (8/6/18)

An all-new week for every PS4 owners out there. How’s the latest No Man’s Sky update been? I’m sure all of you are having fun because we all did. Base-building, 4-player co-op multiplayer, and a ton of improvements despite the bugs we encountered. But that’s not what we are here for in this article. You’re here to check out some new releases for the PS4, right? Of course! So, let’s get down to business now, shall we?

Dead Cells

Release Date: August 7.

If you ever love games like Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon, also Castlevania and its brothers and sisters, you’ll definitely want to check Dead Cells out when it releases this week. It’s a combination of Metroidvania and Roguelite gameplay, in short, the devs call it RogueVania. Watch the trailer above to get a gist of what Dead Cells is all about.

Flipping Death

Release Date: August 7

From the creators of Fe, Zoink Games is launching an all-new side-scrolling adventure. With the game’s intriguing art direction, Flipping Death gives players tons of puzzles to solve in the town of Flatwood Peaks.

Overcooked 2

Release Date: August 7

Welcome to the world where cooking is everything. Team17 delivered magnificent flavors in its first game Overcooked, and now, in this sequel, the rise of the Unbread has begun and it’s up to the chefs to save the world from these monstrous bread.

Madden NFL 19

Release Date: August 10

EA Sports brings you new ways to play American Football. It gives you game-changing controls on and off the field. Madden NFL 19 delivers another way for players to experience football like no other.

We Happy Few

Release Date: August 10

I have to be honest here when Microsoft announced that they bought Compulsion Games at E3 2018, all of us were shooked. A game like We Happy Few is something we’ve been waiting for to come out on PS4, and we thought with Compulsion Games’ acquisition we would never see the game come out to PS4, we’re happy that it still will. We Happy Few is a first-person action adventure set in the alternative universe of the city of Wellington Wells. You have to blend in, make sure you wouldn’t get caught because you’ll fight your way through the streets.

What games are you planning to pick up? I’m sure I’ll get We Happy Few when pay-day arrives. How about you?

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